Make Your Own Winter Sweater Centerpiece


Today we are bringing you a new way to use our wreath rails and I’m really excited to share it with you. I’m showing you how to make a winter sweater centerpiece and Richard is helping!

We realize that all of you are crafters, many of you are painters, but not all of you are as big into wreaths as I am. For that reason we have been working on different ways for you to display our wood cutout signs. Today I’m showing you how to make a winter sweater centerpiece using a new design with our rails. We’ve added a sign holder to the center of the rail that will let you display any sign you’ve made or purchased. I can’t wait for you to see how it works!

How to Make a Winter Sweater Centerpiece

For this centerpiece, I’m using our winter sweater wood cutout. I was going for the ugly sweater theme that has become so popular. I started by choosing a ribbon that I loved and then painted the sweater to match. This is one of the things that I love most about our cutouts, you can truly customize your creations in any way you like.

I love the way this centerpiece turned out, but there are lots of variations you could try to make this project your own. You could add glitter to your sweater to give it some sparkle. You could also add some picks to your centerpiece to add some bling. Christmas greenery is also super pretty and you could mix some of that in too. You could even add some flameless candles to your centerpiece to add ambiance to your Christmas table.

I designed this piece to be a centerpiece but that is far from the only spot you could use it. This would be great on a mantle, just leave the mesh off the back so that it will sit more flush with your wall. You could also display this on a sofa table or entry table. We also have another option if you prefer to not add ribbons and bows. We’ve designed a sign stand that you can paint any color and use it to display your hand painted signs or any of your favorites that you’ve bought over the years. Like I said, we want you to have lots of options to display your amazing creations!

Winter Sweater Centerpiece Supply List

Centerpiece Instructions

  1. Attach the stand to the centerpiece rail. (I glued mine in place with hot glue because I want mine to be permanent but you don’t have to.)

  2. Take the pipe cleaners and add 5 to each side of the rail.

  3. Next, take your 21” mesh and start adding it to one side of the rail in 10” poofs and attaching them to each pipe cleaner. Repeat on the other side.

  4. Now cut 10- 10” strips of the 10” mesh (that’s a lot of 10s!). Curl each one loosely and add one to each pipe cleaner.

  5. Next, use your ribbon tail board to cut 10- 14” strips of 2 of your 2.5” ribbons. Dove tail the ends.

  6. Now, place one of each ribbon on top of each other and fold at the center. Pinch the center and add that pinch to one of the pipe cleaners. Repeat at each pipe cleaner.

  7. Now take your third ribbon and make 2 simple bows. Measure a 6” loop on each side and a 10” tail. Add one bow to each end of the centerpiece rail.

  8. Next, take the same ribbon and make awareness bows for each of the remaining pipe cleaners. These are bows with only one loop.

  9. Finally, dovetail the ends of your bows and place your winter sweater sign in place!

I am really loving this project you guys! I used the winter sweater for mine but you could use any of our wood cutouts or other signs that you have. Just use your sign as your design guide, choose ribbons and embellishments that will complement the colors and patterns of your sign. I hope you enjoy this creation as much as I did and would love to see what you come up with!

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