Make Your Own Valentine "Be Mine" Rail Swag


It’s time to start thinking about crafting for the season of love you guys! Today I’m showing you how to make a Valentine Be Mine rail swag that is super cute and fun to make!

Valentine’s Day always gives me a good reason to pull out all of my pink and red ribbons. Any other time of the year you may think that these colors clash but at Valentine’s Day all bets are off. In the video below I show you how to take a beautiful combination of ribbons and mesh and turn them into a fabulous Valentine “Be Mine” rail swag. You guys know I love tubing and it doesn’t disappoint in this creation.

Tubing just adds that perfect amount of extra texture and that’s why it’s my favorite. I also pull out the ornaments for this one and the extra shine and dimension they add are so much fun. I love the way this project turned out and I hope you do too!

DIY Valentine Be Mine Rail Swag

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that not everyone goes all out for. I love it though! I feel like we can always use a reason to celebrate each other and the ones we love. One thing I know for sure is that there can never be too much love in the world! So I like to get out all the decorations and treats and get a little sappy for a bit.

Our wreath rails are perfect for several different projects but I really love using them as swags bases. I enjoy using the rails for horizontal projects but it’s so fun to switch things up sometimes. To make a swag all you have to do is turn one of our rails vertical and you’re in business! I still decorate the rail with mesh and ribbon tails like I normally do but for this I add my bow and my sign in different ways. I love the way a swag really fills up a front door!

I use ball ornaments for this project too. If you love to craft as much as I do (and especially if you sell your creations) you can snag ball ornaments in all different colors right after Christmas at a huge discount. All you have to do is find a place to store them and you’ll be able to pull from your stash all year long! Ball ornaments aren’t just for the Christmas season anymore and I love that. You could also use Valentine picks and sprays for this project. You could use them in place of the ornaments or add them all in for a big and beautiful creation! Like the kids say: you do you!

Valentine Swag Supply List

"Be Mine" Rail Swag Instructions

  1. Start by adding 6 pipe cleaners to the center rung of the wreath rail.

  2. Now fold over the end of the 21” mesh and attach it to the pipe cleaner on one end of the rail. Make 10” poofs and attach to each remaining pipe cleaner.

  3. Next, cut 6 10” strips of the 10” mesh. Curl the ends slightly and then scrunch up the center to make a ruffle. Attach one ruffle to each pipe cleaner.

  4. Now use the ribbon tail board to make 6 14” ribbon tails of a 2.5” and 1.5” ribbon. Dove tail the ends. Then place the 1.5” on top of the 2.5” and fold in half. Pinch at the center and attach to each of the pipe cleaners.

  5. Now take the tops off the ornaments and, one at a time, add hot glue to the top of the ornament and then slide it onto the end of one of the pipe cleaners that are already on the end. I did Mine in groups of three.

  6. Next, use the rapid fuse glue to attach 2 mounting squares to the back of your sign. When the glue is dry add one pipe cleaner to each.

  7. Make a bow by starting with a 2.5” ribbon and measuring a long tail (we will be curling the tails at the end so we want them long). Then make 2 6.5” loops. Next use 3 of the 1.5” ribbons one at a time and repeat the same process making your loops smaller with each ribbon. Use the jelly ribbon to make a final set of loops and tails on your bow. Take a pipe cleaner and use it to secure the center of your bow.

  8. Now attach your bow to the top of the swag using the pipe cleaner that is holding it together. Fluff the bow and curl up the ends.

  9. Use hot glue to attach another ornament to the center of your bow.

  10. Finally, attach your sign to the bottom of the swag using the pipe cleaners that you previously attached to it.

Oh you guys I just love this swag! It’s so cute and I had so much fun making it. All of the extra textures that come from the embellishments we added add so much depth to this project. There are so many ways you could make this project your own. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Now it’s time to hang this beauty on the front door and see if I can find that box of chocolate I hid from the kids...

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