How to Decorate a Printed Monogram Wreath Rail


If you’ve been surfing the shop recently you may have noticed our growing collection of monogram items. Today I’m excited to share a printed monogram wreath rail tutorial with you so you can see exactly how to decorate one of these beauties!

Monogram gifts are something that never go out of style. Probably because they make the perfect present for just about any occasion! From the time we can identify ourselves with our own names, they become a part of who we are. And we take pride in them. As we age, accomplish things, and start families of our own, our name takes on even more significance. Sure, no matter what we are called, we are still the same people.

Our names are one of the few things that travel with us through the entirety of our lives and that makes them a treasured part of our identity. In this printed monogram wreath rail tutorial, I am showing you how to make a beautiful creation that can be displayed with pride.

Printed Monogram Wreath Rail Tutorial

With all of our technology and creative abilities, humans have figured out how to monogram just about everything, and we do! And, so often these items come in the form of gifts. Especially at momentous moments in our lives. Monograms for the newborn babe, the newly married couple, and the recently graduated student are all very popular. They also make great gifts for any other holiday or season of life!

I love this monogram wreath rail because its design is beautiful all on its own. Once you start dressing it up though, it really becomes something special. I chose my ribbons and mesh to compliment the colors in the printed sign. I used what I had on hand and I love the way this wreath rail came out. If there are different colors in the sign that you like better, by all means use them! This is a colorful piece which means that there are lots of color combinations that you can choose from.

Another great addition to this wreath rail would be flowers and greenery. I try to keep my tutorials simple so I don’t usually add many extra embellishments but I really thought about it with this one. The flowers in the monogram sign make the perfect backdrop for adding florals and greenery. They would also be a great way to incorporate more colors from the sign into the rail itself.

Printed Monogram Wreath Rail Supplies You'll Need

Make Your Own Monogram Wreath Rail With These Instructions

  1. Start by attaching 6 pipe cleaners evenly around the center rail of the wreath rail.

  2. Next, take the burgundy mesh, roll up the end a little and make a ruffle. Add that to the tie on one end of your rail. Then make a poof with the mesh and add the other end of it to the next rail. Continue this until you come to the end of your rail and then leave about 10” and trim the mesh off the roll. Use that extra 10” to make a ruffle at the end of the rail.

  3. Now cut 6 20” strips of the blue mesh. Use it to make one ruffle for each twist tie except the center one. To do this, roll up the edges a little bit and then scrunch it up the center. Add the center part of the ruffle to the ties.

  4. Use your ribbon tail board to cut 5 14” ribbon tails of the black and white 2.5” and the dark pink 1.5” ribbon.

  5. Take one of each type of ribbon tail and place one on top of the other. Fold the tails in half and pinch the center together. Attach the center pinch to a twist tie on the wreath rail. Repeat with the remaining ribbon tails and twist ties, leaving one open for your bow.

  6. Now cut your tubing into 12 18” strips. Make a circle with two strips and then pinch it at the center to make a bow tie. Add the center of the bow tie to one of the ties. Repeat this process with the remaining tubing strips and ties.

  7. Next we make a bow! Get out your EZ Bow Maker and your ribbons. Start with a 2.5” ribbon, measure a 10” tail, twist the ribbon and then add it to the bowmaker. Then make a 6-7” loop, twist, add it to the bowmaker. Make another loop on the other side then trim after a 10” tail.

  8. Use another 2.5” ribbon to repeat the same process making four loops this time and your loops a little smaller this time.

  9. Then use a 1.5” ribbon to make 4 loops using the same process.

  10. Take two pipe cleaners and twist the ends together to make one long pipe cleaner. Remove your bow from the bow maker and use the long pipe cleaner to secure the center of the bow twisting it off at the back.

  11. Use the pipe cleaners on the bow to push through the mesh and attach the bow to the wreath rail. Then dovetail the ends of your ribbon tails and trim the pipe cleaners from the bow that are poking out at the back of the rail.

  12. Now cut a strip of jute string, feed it through both holes and the top of the rail and pull it tight. Then knot the ends together to make a holder.

As you can see in the video, this was a pretty simple project to do. You can keep it simple like I did or add more bells and whistles to yours. Whether you are making this for yourself, offering it for sale in your shop, or giving it to someone you love, it is sure to make the recipient smile. After all, what’s in a name? Only a whole lifetime.

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