Painting a Halloween Bear Wood Cutout


I’m back with another adorable Halloween project for you! With the help of my sweet assistant, Amelia, I am painting a Halloween bear wood cutout. And my goodness is he cute!

Halloween is such a fun holiday. The costumes, the treats, and the decorations are all part of what makes it a blast to celebrate. Today, I’m combining all three of those things and painting a Halloween bear wearing a candy corn costume. How cute does that sound!? This sweet bear can be painted using the colors that I use or, as Amelia will show you, you can use whatever shades strike your fancy! However, you choose to paint him, this cute little bear is sure to please.

How to Paint a Halloween Bear Wood Cutout

There is so much to love about Halloween, and I get into just about all of it. The thing that I love the most, though, is the costumes! Some of you probably already know this, but I just love making the costumes that my family wears. Bonus points if I can talk them into all of us coordinating. From Star Wars characters to a spooky family theme, I love it all. I am guessing that many of you can relate with me on this. We are all creatives and that love of designing and crafting spreads to all areas of our lives.

I am a big fan of a clever costume, but I also love the classics. I am not sure that I would want to make four candy corn costumes for us to wear (maybe four different types of candy?) but the Halloween bear I’m painting today sure does pull it off! I can’t wait for you to see just how cute he is!

The colors that I use are traditional candy corn colors and would look great in a wreath with yellows, whites, and oranges. Halloween is so whimsical and colorful though, you could easily add other classic spooky colors to a wreath too. Maybe try some purple and black mesh or choose ribbons with those shades. I’d love to see what you all come up with!

Painting a Halloween Bear Wood Cutout Supply List

Halloween Bear Paint-by-Line Instructions

  1. Start by painting the top of the candy corn and the bear’s hat with the antique white.

  2. Next, use a heat gun to dry the paint and then add a second coat.

  3. Use the pumpkin orange to paint the center of the candy corn and the top of the bear’s shirt.

  4. Dry the paint with the heat gun and then apply a second coat.

  5. Use the apricot yellow to paint the bottom of the candy corn and the bottom of the bear’s shirt.

  6. Next, use the beige to paint the inside of the bear’s ears and over and around his mouth. Don’t worry, you will still be able to see the mouth through the paint and will be able to outline it later.

  7. Now paint the rest of the bear nutmeg brown.

  8. Next, paint the eyes, nose, under arm, and between the legs with black paint.

  9. Use the white paint marker to color the inside of the eyes and shade the top of the nose.

  10. Finally, outline the inside and outside of the bear and candy corn using the black paint marker. Basically trace all the lines that are on the cutout including the sweet smile.

This is one of those quick paint projects that is so fun to do. And, painting with a loved one makes it even more special. I love when Amelia joins me and we get to paint together. She always keeps me laughing! So, go grab your favorite painting pal and I hope you have fun with this adorable little Halloween bear!

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