Paint Your Own Bunny Butt Wood Cutout


There are so many cute things for Easter decor. Today I am sharing one of my favorites! In the video below I show you how to paint a bunny butt wood cutout and it is sooo cute!

I don’t know what it is about this design but I absolutely love it. I’m showing you how to paint a bunny butt wood cutout today and I enjoyed every minute of it! Once this is all painted you can actually picture this sweet bunny hopping away from you. The cuteness level of spring decor never gets old for me. I love how bright and cheerful Easter designs are, they always put me in a good mood! This bunny cut out is no exception, I hope it makes you smile too. Grab your brushes friends and let’s start painting some bunny butt!

How to Paint a Bunny Butt Wood Cutout

Spring decor is all about pretty pastels and beautiful brights. It is also about baby animals, fresh flowers, and happy sunny things. Basically spring celebrates new life and fresh starts and what could be more wonderful than that? There is something so uplifting about watching the year’s first flowers come up and seeing the baby animals beginning to explore. Each year I relish the fresh new start and enjoy dreaming about all the possibilities that come with that. I feel like I get to slough off the heavy skin of last year and start again fresh and new. This adorable project is a fun way for me to celebrate all of that!

As always there are a million different ways you can go with this design! You do not have to use the colors that I did, there are so many you can choose from. You can either choose colors that you love together or you can pick out ribbon patterns and choose paint colors that match your ribbons. This would also be a great project to add glitter to! You could use it at the edges or on the tail. Anywhere you think would be cute!

Another fun thing about this cutout is that you could also use this to make a bear head! All you would have to do is paint the blank brown then add a snout and nose and some paint to the inner ears. And of course some sweet eyes! He could be a baby bear on another spring creation. Or, how cute would a bear be added to a buffalo check wreath design? Ach, there is always a new project I want to try you guys! But for now, bunny butts...

How to Paint a Bunny Butt Supply List

Paint by Line Instructions

  1. Start by wetting your brush and then dabbing it off. Then use it to apply the white base paint to the whole cutout and tail cutout. Add a second coat of white paint.

  2. Next use a ½” brush to apply the light blue paint around the edges of the bunny piece.

  3. Now add a little bit of white into your blue and add another line of edging inside of your blue one with blue on one side of your brush and white on the other.

  4. Next use the white to blend out the edge of your last line.

  5. Then dip your brush into your water and tap it off a bit. Use this to blend your edges again. This will help to take out any brush strokes and make it look less sharp.

  6. Let your bunny piece dry for a while. While you wait, use the light blue to cover the entire tail with two coats. Then take the dark blue and go around the outside edge to add some shading. Blend it with the white and water in the same way you did the bunny piece.

  7. Next use the dark blue to add a few squiggles to the center of the tail to make it look like a cotton tail. Then use the same blue to paint the edges of the tail. Use the same blue to paint the edge of the bunny piece.

  8. Use the white colored pencil to draw ovals for your paw pads. Then use the filbert brush to fill in your ovals with pale pink. Next add your toe pads.

  9. Use the dark pink to edge the paw pads. Then use the white and then water to blend them just like we did the other edges.

  10. When the paint is all dry, add your sealant. When that has dried use the rapid fuse glue to attach the tail to the bunny piece and you’re done!

I so love the way this little bunny turned out you guys! Those little paws and sweet tail are just too cute. If this painting technique is new to you don’t be scared. You can totally do this! And remember, painting wood cutouts is so forgiving. If you do something and you’re not happy with it you can always paint it white again and try again! I hope you have as much fun with this project as I did, happy painting friends!