How to Paint a Fall Attachment

Updated: Sep 10, 2020


The holiday season is quickly coming upon us! Before we know it it will be time to swap out all of our bright summer decor for Halloween and fall. Today I’m showing you how to paint a fall attachment that is super cute and easy to do.

The fall attachment that I paint in the video below has many of my favorite harvest features. There are pumpkins, acorns, and an adorable crow! I use a lot of fun colors in this project and I really love the results!

How to Paint a Fall Attachment

I am really excited about this project you guys! I’m showing you how to paint a fall attachment but it is only one in a whole set. We designed an amazing truck wreath rail that I just love. Then we made three separate attachments for it. The attachments will fit into the bed of the truck and there is one for fall, Halloween, and Christmas.

The set also comes with three separate rails so that you can decorate each one to match it’s holiday attachment. Then you can leave the truck up and just swap out the rails and attachments! Easy peasy and oh so cute! You can see all the pieces in the video below so make sure you watch to the end.

Tips and Tricks:

After you finish painting this whole attachment you can go back and add some embellishments if you want to. You can use different colors of acrylic paint markers to add some detail and definition to some of the sections. You’ll see that I only add a few in the video but you can add as many (or as few) as you like! It’s just a little something extra to add some depth to the attachment.

For this project, I use my Lazy Susan as a painting surface. I can’t tell you guys how much I love this thing! It isn’t a necessity but it sure does make my painting easier. It is so nice to be able to rotate the Lazy Susan instead of the piece that I’m working on. If you do painting projects like this often, I highly recommend treating yourself and buying one of these!

Fall Attachment Supply List

Fall Attachment Paint by Line Instructions

  1. Start with the acorn on the far right and paint the bottom portion of it Nutmeg Brown.

  2. Next, paint the bottom portion of the second acorn with Chocolate Bar.

  3. Now paint the top of the Nutmeg Brown acorn with the Cherry Cobbler.

  4. Next, paint the top of the Chocolate Bar acorn with the King’s Gold.

  5. Paint the eyes of the crow white, filling in the whole circle.

  6. Next, paint the beak with Apricot. It will need 2 coats.

  7. Now paint the bow (all but the center circle) Limeade Green. It will also need a second coat.

  8. Paint the center of the bow with Harvest Orange.

  9. Next, paint the crow’s belly Dark Gray.

  10. Paint the rest of the crow black.

  11. Next, fill in the inner circle of the eyes with black.

  12. For the pumpkin use Pumpkin Orange for the center portion, Jack O'Lantern for the other two sections, and Harvest Orange for the outlines.

  13. Now paint the pumpkin stem with Kelly Green.

  14. Finally, use the black acrylic paint marker to outline the whole project.

This attachment is so fun and easy to do! In the recipe I listed the colors that I chose to use so you have the exact shades if you want them. But, as always, feel free to make yours your own! Also, be sure to check back for future blog posts where I show you how to paint and decorate the rest of this set. Happy painting!

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