Paint-by-Line Nurse Wreath Rail Tutorial


Nurses are unarguable everyday heroes! And that has rarely been more true than now. Today I’m painting a nurse wreath rail in honor of these amazing people!

National Nurses’ Week is coming up soon. I wanted to show you how to paint a nurse wreath rail so that you will be able to gift one of your creations to a nurse you love or offer them for sale in your shop so that others can. Nurses work so hard dedicating their lives to the care of others and showing them some love is the least we can do!

Painting a Nurse Wreath Rail

Nurses are no strangers to working long shifts on their feet. They are on duty through nights, weekends, and holidays while many of us are spending time with our families or sleeping. These heroes have to be able to think on their feet, pulling on the education and training they spent years of their lives achieving. And I don’t even want to think about the student loans many of them must have.

All of that dedication and sacrifice is definitely worthy of admiration and should be celebrated but what really gets me is the difference nurses make one patient at a time. One moment at a time. Think about it, nurses are with us at some of the happiest and hardest moments of our lives. They hold our hands as we bring our babies into the world and as we say goodbye to people we have loved. Nurses are there when we are scared and fighting for our lives and they are there when we conquer an illness. Nurses truly are angels. They work quietly in the background as well as by our sides.

This pandemic has made us aware that the people we have always seen as heroes are actually super heroes. These angels have been pushed to extremes by this situation and they’ve answered with extraordinary strength. Working without the supplies and help that they need. Going long periods of time without rest or seeing family. Constantly showing up and giving their all even though it’s hard. There is no way to show them the gratitude they deserve, but we can try. By acknowledging, remembering, and honoring, we can try.

Supply List

Paint by Line Instructions

  1. Start by painting the letters red (skip the stethoscope ‘U’ for now). Also paint the heart inside of the stethoscope. Then repeat with a second coat.

  2. Use a small filbert brush to paint the stethoscope white. This will also need a second coat.

  3. Lastly, use the black paint marker to outline the letters and stethoscope.

That's it friends! I kept this one pretty simple. There are lots of different ways you can go with this. If you like the way mine looks but want to add a little more, you could add red glitter to the heart. You could also get really creative and paint your wreath rail to look like patterned scrubs or in the colors of your favorite nurse’s hospital or scrubs. Don’t forget that painting the rail is just the first step, stay tuned to see how to decorate this fabulous wreath rail!