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Our first week of School in review.

The first week of school can be stressful for any parent. Backpacks, Lunch Bags, Uniforms and Hair Cuts are all finished and ready for the first day. Everyone is excited, the kids are nervous and we as parents are anxious. Will they like their new teacher? Will there be a bully in class this year? Will this be the year our child finds that life long friend? It's been an amazing week and I'm proud to say that we all made it through mostly unscathed. Here are a couple of things I can say about this week.

He doesn't look excited but.. Well, maybe he wasn't.

Chips, Apple Sauce, Raisins and Muffins. Staple foods, really.

Lunch has always been a little stressful for us in the past but this year we have a system to help the kids eat what they want on a specific day as well as make it easier and faster to get it ready. For one, we have a basket that holds snacks and sides to their main lunch as well as a bin in the fridge with the cold stuff like pickles, hard boiled eggs or yogurt. The kids get to pick these out and add them to there lunch bag. The main course is usually the classic sandwich or a wrap which is really just a sandwich in a tortilla instead of bread though I do like to add some cream cheese in place of the mayo or mustard. We add in a juice box or pouch, an ice pack and lunch is served.

The other thing that we anticipate is the peace and quiet in the house. Since Kari and I both work from home, we've endured the presence of the kids this entire summer and lets face it, Kari's had to take the brunt of it. They did spend time at their grandparents but nothing compares to the tranquility of having the kids at school for 10 months out of the year. You would think we would be having a blast doing things like day drinking and running around in our underwear but really, we just went along like normal but with the unsettling silence that befell the house. By the end of the first day of school, we missed our kids and couldn't wait to hear about their first day.

We really need to get more professional pictures done but this will always be my favorite.

In closing, all I really have to say is that we are grateful for our school. The kids have both been excelling at their school work and at making friends. I look forward to this year and seeing Owen come into his own and really start to understand who he is and watch his personality blossom as well as seeing Amelia break out of her shell and become the center of attention at school like she is at home. I hope this blog post finds you in good spirits, good health and thank you very much for reading.

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