How to Paint a Llama with a Wreath Wood Cutout


Today I have a super fun Christmas project for you! I am painting a llama with a wreath wood cutout that is just too cute!

Llamas are so popular right now you guys. You can find them everywhere! On clothing, kitchen items, and especially in decor. Today I’m painting a llama with a wreath wood cutout that is perfect for Christmas. I found some adorable ribbon that has llamas wearing Santa hats and I will use that to make a wreath with this cutout later. I’m using the ribbon as my inspiration for the paint colors I use on this project. My sweet llama is a girl wearing a pink scarf but you can use any colors you like for your llama!

Painting a Llama with a Wreath Wood Cutout

I don’t know about you guys but I am really loving the llama trend that is happening right now! Llamas are so cute and their fiber is soooo soft! They are also so well mannered and intelligent. Some farmers even use them to herd their sheep. We don’t have any sheep but I wonder if Vegas zoning would let us keep a llama. I bet Gus would love a new friend!

Okay, enough about my llama dreams, let’s talk about painting. When you watch the video below you will see how I chose to paint my llama. I follow the lines like I usually do but then I decided to also do some free painting. I add some cheeks to my llama and some holly leaves with berries to the wreath. I don’t want you to be intimidated by free painting. I know it sounds like all sorts of things could go wrong but here’s the thing...If you make a mistake or don’t like how something looks, you can always paint over it! There have been plenty of times that I’ve had an oops and I just add another layer of base paint and try again.

I know that I tell you guys this a lot but, when you are deciding what colors to use on your wood cutouts, try to picture the end product. Decide if you will be using your cutout on a wreath or a wreath rail, or if you will be displaying it on its own. If you will be making a wreath, what type of ribbon will you be using? Will you be adding floral picks or bling? All of these considerations will help you to come up with a design plan. Having a plan will allow you to create a piece that looks amazingly put together! It’s all about balance and flow.

Painting a Llama Supply List

Paint by Line Instructions

  1. Start by painting the inside of the wreath black.

  2. Next, paint the wreath green.

  3. Use the light green to add some shading outlines to the wreath.

  4. Next, use a fine brush to paint sets of dark green holly leaves on three spots on the wreath.

  5. Use red paint to add holly berries at the center of your leaves.

  6. Next, use the white paint to cover the whole llama except the snout.

  7. Paint the snout beige.

  8. Use the light pink to fill in the inner ear and add cheeks.

  9. Next, use the black marker to fill in the eyes, nose, and mouth line.

  10. Now paint the scarf fuchsia.

  11. Use the white marker to add the dots to the eyes.

  12. Use the gray marker to trace the snowflakes on the scarf.

  13. Next, outline the llama and scarf with the black marker.

  14. Outline the inner ears and cheeks with the pink marker.

  15. Outline the holly berries with the red marker.

  16. Finally, use the green paint marker to outline the holly leaves.

This llama is seriously the cutest!! From her sweet little cheeks to her pretty pink sweater, I just love the way she turned out. If you have llama lovers in your life, this project would make an excellent gift! And if you’re a llama lover yourself, you’ll really enjoy displaying this in your own home. I really hope you guys have fun with this project! Happy painting!

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