Let's do this!

Hey friends, here we are. First blog post. I started this long ago and didn't like the direction I was taking. Just posting something to do it. No love behind it. Now I've been itching for a while to just talk to you on my blog.

Here's one of my favorite lives. No other reason than I was so nervous and new. You can see that I had a very weird angle. Trying to make it all work in my little space.

Isn't it funny how you look back and see how you started... where you came from. This website is all about my journey of Hot Mesh Mom. You can catch a glimpse of me and my family all over. In my Facebook lives, they are in the back ground and on camera. Occasionally if you're lucky, you will actually witness a meltdown or two. And I'm not talking about the kids. HAHA

So watch the video, fast forward what ever you want and catch this newbie doing some fun things.


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