"Let It Snow" Wreath Rail | A Paint-by-Line Tutorial


It’s time to get started on this year’s winter decor, so today I’m painting a “Let it Snow” wreath rail to set you on your way for your holiday decor!

Here in Vegas snow isn’t really a part of our holiday season. But, I know that for many of you, snow is part of what makes winter so magical. There is something so special about that first snowfall of the year. I am showing you how to paint this adorable “Let it Snow” wreath rail that will make any front door happy and festive. And, maybe it will bring some of that beautiful fluff your way!

How to Paint a “Let it Snow” Wreath Rail

I know that it may seem early to be thinking about winter and holiday projects while fall is still in full swing. For makers, however, this is the time to really get revved up for Christmas decor. Many of our followers sell their handmade creations online or at craft shows and if they haven’t started stocking up their winter line up by now then they are running behind. Even if you gift your creations and don’t sell them, don’t forget the amount of time that it takes you to pour all that love into your handmade items.

Christmas can be the perfect time to add brightness and bling to your decor. Snowflakes especially lend that beautiful shimmery theme. I stopped at paint with this wreath rail but it would look amazing if you added some glitter to yours! Caught in the shine of your porch light it would add some awesome glimmer!

But Wait, there’s More!

Today’s video also has a bonus tutorial! I also show you how to paint an adorable snowman rail. This snowman is sooo cute, I love the way he turned out. You could also flip him over and paint stacked pumpkins on the other side. That way you could use the rail for your fall AND winter door decor!

“Let it Snow” Wreath Rail Supply List

  • Paint brushes (including your preferred brush sizes for painting and lettering and also a large brush)

  • White acrylic paint

  • Light blue (winter blue) acrylic paint

  • Dark blue (mountain blue) acrylic paint

  • Black acrylic paint

Paint by Line Instructions

  1. Start by painting the whole rail white. Use a heat gun to gently dry the paint. Add a second coat if needed.

  2. Next, use a large brush and the light blue paint. Dip your brush lightly into the paint and dab it heavily. Lightly brush over the whole snowflake to distress it. Make it a little darker along the edges.

  3. Use the dark blue paint to fill in the snowflake lines.

  4. Next, use the black paint to fill in the words.

  5. Now, use the light blue paint to add shading around the rounded edges of the snowflake.

  6. Finally, use white paint to outline the left side of the words.

This “Let it Snow” wreath rail is so pretty! And the great thing is that you can hang it all winter long, it doesn’t have to only be for December. As you see, I paint mine white and add blue embellishments. It would also be super cute if you painted it dark blue and then added white to the edges to make it look like ice. As I always say, take what I show you and then make it your own. Let your creativity fly!

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