How to Paint a Patriotic Sunflower Wreath Rail


There are so many things to love about summer. Today I’m painting a patriotic sunflower wreath rail that brings together two of my favorite summer things!

Patriotic decor is one of the most popular items in our shop. If you sell your handmade creations you probably experience the same thing. That is because the patriotic season is so long and festive. From Memorial Day to Labor Day we Americans love to let our colors fly! In the video below I’m painting a patriotic sunflower wreath rail that will become an adorable door hanger that can be displayed all summer long. I love the combination of the sunflower and flag, the finished product is just too cute you guys!

Painting a Patriotic Sunflower Wreath Rail

Now is the time to really hit the ground running on your patriotic designs. This wreath rail is such a great addition to any summer line up and is really fun to paint. This rail, and many other patriotic designs, have the lines of the flag on them. I’m a relaxed painter and don’t need everything to be perfectly exact but I know that’s not true for all of you. If you want your lines to be clean and straight there are a couple of things that you can do. You could lay down a ruler and paint against it. You can use painter’s tape to block off the lines. Or you can free hand it like I do and then go back in with a red and a white painter marker and clean up the edges.

While we are talking tips, I have another one for you. As I said, I’m pretty relaxed about my painting and sometimes make some mistakes. If you’re like me, the oopses just happen but there’s no reason to panic! Remember that we are working with paint and most mistakes can just be painted over. If you happen to get paint where you absolutely don’t want it (like I do in this video) you can fix that too. I always have baby wipes on hand so that I can quickly wipe off any unwanted paint. If you can’t paint over your mistake, you can always wait for everything else to dry and then lightly sand the oops area. Easy peasy!

Design Ideas

You may be wondering what to do once you have your wreath rail all painted and sealed. If you know me you know that I love mesh and that’s what I will be using for mine. You can definitely use mesh, tubing, and ribbon tails to make a beautiful design. Or, if you love picks and florals, that would be a great way to go too. You could use greenery and flowers to make a pretty base and then add in your fun patriotic picks to finish off your design. However you decide to decorate your rail, it’s sure to be a huge summer hit!

Patriotic Sunflower Wreath Rail Supply List

Patriotic Sunflower Paint by Line Instructions

  1. Start by using a flat paint brush to paint the flag part of the sunflower blue. Once it is dry add a second coat.

  2. Next, use a flat brush to paint every other stripe red. Once the paint is dry, go back and add a second coat.

  3. Now paint the rest of the stripes white, add a second coat to this too. Then use a liner brush to paint your stars white. You may want a second coat for this too.

  4. Next use a liner brush and the black paint to outline the sunflower and its petals.

  5. Once all of your paint is dry seal your wreath rail with a clear sealant.

How cute is this patriotic sunflower you guys? I really love the way it turned out! I love my flags to be bright and bold but you can use other shades of red, white, and blue if you prefer. Remember to keep your ribbon in mind when you are deciding on your paint colors. You may also be wondering about that cute graduation wreath rail that you see in the video. If you want to see how I paint that cutie patootie, you can check out the blog where I show you how to paint that one too. Have fun painting friends!


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