How to Paint a Flowers and Water Can Wood Cut Out


Few things make me happier than bringing out the bright and beautiful colors of spring. Today I am painting flowers and a water can for you that is just perfect for spring!

When the days go from getting shorter to getting longer it’s time to start crafting for spring! That means Easter, Mother’s Day, and regular ole spring decor. In the video below I’m painting a flowers and water can wood cutout that is perfect for all of these occasions! With some happy colors and beautiful details I will paint you into a spring crafting mood. I can’t promise that I’ll get you into a spring cleaning mood though, you’ll have to take care of that on your own. Spring cleaning...yuck!

Painting Flowers and Water Can

If you’ve been painting with me for a while you know that our cutouts usually have easy to follow lines on them. Sort of like a coloring book but for paint. This project is a little bit different but, don’t worry, I walk you through every step! I enjoy painting by line but it’s also fun to be able to free hand now and then. If you aren’t used to free hand painting this is the perfect project to try it out on. You can’t really mess up flowers! They’re basically a lot of large circles that we add embellishments to. You can do this!

A Word about Base Coats…

I normally don’t use a base coat when I’m painting my wood cutouts but this project is a little bit different. Since I am painting flowers and I really want those colors to stand out I will use a white base coat. This type of base coat does not need to be fancy! Don’t spend a lot of time and effort on this because we are just going to cover it up. All we are trying to do with this base coat is make our colors really pop. For this step I use a large brush with a lot of paint on it. I start towards the center and then work my way out. Easy peasy!

Painting Flowers and Water Can Supply List

Paint by Line Instructions for Flowers and Water Can

  1. Start by wetting your large brush in water to loosen the bristles and then wipe it off on a towel. Use the brush to apply a base coat of the Sherwin Williams base paint.

  2. Next use the light blue to paint the watering can and its handle. Be sure to also get the edges of the watering can and handle. You will probably want two coats of this to get good coverage.

  3. Now make the polka dots on the watering can. Use a filbert brush and the dark blue paint to do this. Put the brush on the paint and push down lightly then swirl it to make the dot. Do this in threes to get a nice pattern (this will all make more sense when you see it in the video). Go over each dot again if you need to to make sure they are dark enough and look good.

  4. Now it’s time to paint the flowers! Start with your lightest color first. I started with a pale pink. Choose a spot on the flower part of the cut out and start painting your pink flowers (don’t forget the edges of the cutout if your flowers butt up to the edge). You will need a second coat for this too.

  5. Next mix a drop of dark pink and red paint into your light pink. Use this combination to make little swoops in the middle of your flowers to add some definition. Without cleaning your brush, dip it into a tiny bit of white to add more detail.

  6. Next use the purple paint to add a few more flowers. Use a second coat if needed and don’t forget the edges.

  7. Now take the dark pink and add some small flowers into the mix.

  8. Use the light purple to add more small flowers to fill in the open white areas.

  9. Next take your brush with a tiny bit of dark pink and white on it. Use this to make little dots at the center of your small pink flowers.

  10. Use a little dark purple to add dots to the center of your light purple flowers.

  11. Next paint your leaves with the light green. Use the darker green to add detail to the center of the leaves.

  12. Use the orange paint to add circles to the center of your large pink flowers and your remaining purple flowers.

  13. Use the white writer bottle to add details to the centers of some of your flowers. Outlines and/or dots would be perfect for this. Add lines to the petals of your large purple flowers.

  14. Use the black writer bottle to add dots to the orange center of your large pink flowers. Use this to also add detail to the center of your leaves.

  15. Allow your piece to dry and then seal it with a clear sealant. When that has dried use your vinyl cutter or a stencil and white paint to add the words “Love Grows Here”.

Oh my goodness you guys, I just love the way this came out! The variety of colors (whew, we used a lot of colors!) and the details just make me happy. I can’t wait to turn this pretty into a beautiful wreath or wreath rail! It will be so much fun to pick out mesh and ribbon that will compliment the colors of this watering can and flowers. I hope you have as much fun with this as I did. Happy painting friends!

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