How to Paint a Christmas Gnome Wood Cutout

Updated: Sep 10, 2020


It’s time to start diving into our Christmas projects you guys! Today, I’m painting a Christmas gnome that is just so stinking sweet. Grab your paints and join me!

One of the themes in holiday decor that never seems to go out of style is the gnome. We have gnomes for all holidays and seasons and today I’m painting a Christmas gnome for you. From his Santa hat down to his little boots he is adorable as can be. This sweet gnome is perfect for adding to a handmade wreath or door hanger. Watch the video below to see how I paint this little guy!

A Paint-By-Line Christmas Gnome Tutorial

I absolutely love gnomes in holiday decor. There is something so jolly and sweet about these guys with their hats pulled low. You can find gnomes in all shapes and sizes and for every holiday. It is so much fun to learn how to make a Christmas gnome of your own though. Doing your own lets you customize it to fit your own color scheme and decor style.

I show you how to paint this little guy but I don’t add any embellishments. There are so many things that you could add to your gnome once it is painted that will add another layer of cuteness and fun. You can add text such as “ho ho ho” or “Merry Christmas”. Or you could paint on some cute snowflakes or Christmas lights. You could even cover his hat or boots in glitter to make him even more festive!

After you have painted your gnome there are a few different things that you can do with him. These make a perfect attachment to any custom wreath. All you have to do is add pipe cleaners to the back of your gnome and attach them to your wreath frame. A deco mesh wreath would be a perfect match for this happy fella. He would also look great on a grapevine or evergreen wreath base.

Bonus Tutorial…

If you watch the video to the end you will see that I also paint an adorable Halloween gnome! Instead of wearing Christmas attire, this little guy has a fun Halloween hat and buckle. I give you all the paint details in the video, but you can dress him up however you’d like. Halloween colors are classic so you can’t go wrong here!

Painting a Christmas Gnome Supply List

Paint by Line Instructions

  1. First, paint the Santa hat bright red.

  2. Next, use the limeade green to paint two coats on the hat band and the poof.

  3. Use the Christmas green to paint the gnome's clothes.

  4. Next, paint the nose with the cream color.

  5. Now paint the beard white. This may take two coats depending on the brand of paint you use.

  6. Next, paint the boots black.

  7. Use an outline brush to paint the lined outlines black.

  8. Finally, use a black acrylic paint marker to outline the nose, boots, hat band and puff, and puff.

This little Christmas gnome is so fun to paint! Remember that the lines are all there on the wood to make the painting simple for you. Use your favorite paints and brushes to make it your own. My favorite brushes are Royal & Langnickel, but whatever brand is best for you will work great! Happy painting you guys!

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