Paint-by-Line Hello Summer Wreath Rail

Updated: Sep 10, 2020


Summer is officially here you guys! Today we are showing you how to paint a “Hello Summer” wreath rail that will be sure to welcome fun in the sun to your home!

While I was out of town attending a business mastermind, Richard grabbed the paints and brushes and went live in my place. I missed you guys, but Richard did an amazing job on this project. The video below shows you step-by-step how to paint one of our favorite summer wreath rails. It is a quick and simple project that is also fun and bright!

Hello Summer Wreath Rail

Here in Vegas it has felt like summer for a while now. I know, however, that many of you are just enjoying your first weeks of it. Plans are definitely more reserved this year but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still decorate to the nines! What better way to add some cheer to your home and celebrate summer than by having some bold colors on display?

When it comes to summer projects bright colors are the way to go. Richard doesn’t disappoint with the shades he chose to use for this “Hello Summer” rail. As he said, they are “pool party beachy colors”! I list the shades he uses in the recipe below but you could always switch things up to suit your own taste.

Richard had an oops while painting this summer rail. I tell you that, because I want to remind you that, with paint, just about any mistake is fixable! When he started painting the lemon on the rail he realized that the wood was still showing through. No problem though, he just dried it quickly with the heat gun and added another coat of paint. To avoid this problem you can add a layer of white to any part of your rail that you intend to paint yellow. Richard’s result was awesome too though!


Paint by Line Instructions

  1. Start by filling in the word “hello” with the bright green acrylic paint.

  2. Next, fill in the word “summer” with the Caribbean blue acrylic paint.

  3. Use the white acrylic paint to paint a base coat on the lemon.

  4. Use a heat gun to dry the lemon quickly or simply allow it to air dry.

  5. Now add a coat of yellow acrylic paint to the lemon, completely covering the coat of white paint.

  6. Next, paint the leaf using the Christmas green acrylic paint.

  7. Finish by outlining the letter using the black paint marker.

  8. (Optional) you could also outline the lemon and leaf if you want to. Richard chose not to outline these, either way would look great!

This “Hello Summer” wreath rail is perfect for decorating the poolside or as a side piece to your next family barbecue. Once you add your ribbon and mesh, the bright colors will lend a fun and festive feeling to any at-home summer adventures!

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