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Goodbye Summer, Hello Winter

Some of you may not know already but we live in Las Vegas, NV. Home of Hotels, Casinos, Conventions and summer temperatures hot enough to bake a dozen cookies on the dash of a 1967 Chevy Camaro... in the shade. Now when the ghost of summer starts to come around, we don't genuinely roll into this nice cooling period that some people call fall no, we roll straight into winter. Sure we'll be seeing triple digits until around mid September but mark my words, there will be sweaters and jackets by October.

This was the aftermath of the great Las Vegas Blizzard of 2019

For any of you out there that may doubt it gets very cold here, just take a look at this picture. This iconic sign is at the beginning of the Las Vegas Strip sitting about 100 feet from the fence of Mccarran International Airport in the middle of the Vegas valley. This last winter we had an entire week of little snow flurries and two days in which it actually snowed. Some parts of the valley actually received a couple of inches of snow and get this, the school district even called a snow day. Really, I say a lot of this in jest, I know that for some of you this is the norm through most of the year but here in Vegas we don't take to cold very well and anything below 70 degrees is "chilly".

With our summer coming towards a close we've been working on creating new product for September, getting our Paintin Blanks kits out for the month and planning for future products. I even pulled out the CNC and it's now back together in the shop so we can start working on our next line of products, Shelf Sitters. We'll be showing more of these soon but you can find our Pumpkin Shelf Sitter here if you'd like an idea of what we're shooting for.

I may have to keep this one for myself.

We are also starting to get into the Christmas spirit with more of our rails and blanks though if you're holding out on creating those holiday crafts in hopes to sell this season, you may want to get started now. Competition doesn't wait and many of our customers started creating months ago. You can expect us to continue to come out with more seasonal product as the holidays come closer and more Facebook lives from Kari on what trends are popular and what's the best deal for both you and your customer.

If you would like to check out the new products we have available, please check out the following links.

Merry Christmas Rail

Merry Christmas Star Rail

Merry Christmas Bulb Rail

I'm going to keep this post short since it's literally 10:00pm Sunday night and this needs to go out tomorrow morning. So, in closing the best I can say is its been a great summer, we learned a lot and worked a lot but we're all looking forward to the cooler weather and the coming holidays. As always I hope this blog post finds you in good spirits, good health and thank you very much for reading.

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