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Getting Connected

So last week, we pulled the trigger on getting our new networking equipment for the house. This was a huge step for us in putting out better, more consistent content for our customers and followers as well as giving us a boost in productivity and our sanity. Besides that, we also had a meeting with the Hobbit Guild this weekend so let's get into it.

Before I start, I am in no means an expert in networking but I've been able to learn enough to fix our issues and I feel comfortable sharing what I've learned here. Whether it's a home or business network you have, there are three key components necessary for making it all work. A Internet Service Provider (ISP), a Modem and a Router or Switch. The latter you would find in more business settings than a home network. The ISP would be your Cox, Comcast, Century Link etc. They provide the service coming into your home to connect you with the rest of the world. The Modem takes the signal coming from the ISP and translates it into a language our computers, phones, tablets can understand. The router then connects those components to the modem and therefore, the rest of the internet.

Modem, Router, Next Gen Cables.

The problems that we were having were pretty evident in any of our lives. Slow connection, blurriness, skipping, freezing and disconnections. I was at my wits end. I'm not a technically savvy person, I just know enough to get myself into trouble. Fortunately for me though, I have the useful trait of being able to pick up on things quickly and with the use of videos, blog posts and tech reviews, I was able to deduce that our problems were coming from the ISP provided modem/router we were using.

I started comparing equipment, prices, specifications for what we needed and what would still be relevant for the next few years. I came up with the parts in the picture above, all purchased from Amazon and everything was delivered 24 hours later. Gotta love that Amazon Prime. In less than two hours I had the old modem out and the new equipment up and running. A quick 20 minute phone call with the ISP to set things up on their end and everything was good. Now we are using the speeds we are paying for, our lives have not dropped, skipped hopped or jumped since installing the new hardware and our live streams are coming through at a higher resolution than before which means crisp clear, great sounding streams. I couldn't be happier with the setup.

Other than the excitement of having a new network, I had a blast hanging out with my fellow Hobbits this weekend as we worked on some backdrops for our Hobbit bar. This of course isn't the finished product and only a part of what will be the best damned Hobbit bar this side of the Brandywine River. I can't wait for October, it couldn't get here fast enough. I plan on showing off more of our Hobbity goodness as it gets closer to the Las Vegas Ren Faire and we should be getting our Facebook page going soon for anyone that would like to see more updates.

This will be the "bar" backdrop with functioning doors.

We've also been working on getting new rails and blanks out to our customers and if you'd like to take a look please check out the following links.

Merry Christmas Rail

Merry Christmas Star Rail

Merry Christmas Bulb Rail

Paint Brush Earrings

Wreath Earrings

CutInWood Etsy Page

As always I hope this blog post finds you in good spirits, good health and thank you very much for reading.

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