How To Make A Football Wreath Rail


Every day is a football day in our family, so what better way to celebrate our passion than with a football wreath? There is so much potential for creativity when you try this yourself—enjoy yourself and prepare to be amazed.

One of the benefits of wreath-making is that it brings other hobbies and interests to life. Football has always been a fixture in our home, and with the Superbowl looming, it is the perfect time for a sports-themed wreath.

Make Your Own Football Wreath Rail

The football wreath rail is a striking decoration at home and a fascinating gift for football-crazy friends, too. You can even add cut-outs, like our stars-and-stripes eagle, for an extra dash of patriotism.

While the focal point of this wreath is the football, there's plenty of space to tap into those creative juices. Add ribbons featuring the colors of your favorite team or use items that make you think back to a classic game you want to remember.

The biggest challenge with this football wreath rail is the limited space compared to other shapes—you will need to make sure that everything fits in perfectly.

Football Wreath Rail Supply List

DIY Football Wreath Rail Instructions

  1. Place five gold pipe cleaners across the rail.

  2. Attach the 21" red and gold mesh to one end of the rail with the tie. Make a 10" poof and then attach to the next twist tie, repeating until you cover the entire rail.

  3. Cut five pieces of football-themed ribbon and five tails of the green ribbon. Attach both of these colors to each tie, starting with brown at the bottom and finishing with green at the top.

  4. Twist the red and gold tubing together and form a loop to attach to each tie.

  5. Make a bow with the red and gold ribbons, making two loops per side, and completing the look with a dovetail cut.

  6. Add the thinner red ribbon to the top of your bow with three loops per side. Repeat the process with the thinner light gold ribbon, carefully adding layers and letting the previous one show through it.

  7. Complete the bow with a golden tie.

  8. Put the bow in the middle with a pipe cleaner, tying the ends of the pipe cleaner at the back (be careful not to smash the ribbon during this process).

It is so easy and creative and promises an amazing end-game that will have the team spirit soaring. Like our other wreath rails, there's much potential for adding your own flair to this football wreath rail with different colors, tubing, or something different for the bow.

A simple wreath like this is an excellent starting point for a new hobby, and it makes a fun afternoon project for a more experienced crafter. Feel free to share your creations with us—we love to see fellow football fans getting creative.

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