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Family Time, Anytime

Some weeks are eventful and some weeks not much happens. Let's review this last one and see what the Gustafson family got into.

First off, I have to talk about the start of the week and my belated birthday dinner. Kari knows that the way to my heart is with food and what better than my favorite dish she makes, Stuffed Bell Peppers. When I was a kid, my parents would make the best stuffed bell peppers but after Kari and I started dating and moved in together, I found a new chef of the worlds best peppers. Sorry Mom. She changed it a few times and this time around she used the air fryer needless to say I am a fan. The pepper were crisp and cheese melted perfectly. Now I've been told that this was a modified version of The Pioneer Woman's recipe which you can find here: https://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/video-stuffed-bell-peppers/ or you can just watch the video below.

If you've never had stuffed bell peppers, they're extremely easy to make and can keep in the fridge for those precooked weekday meals. If you have an air fryer and aren't sure about cooking times, use this online calculator and be amazed:


The week after that has gone relatively easy. It was a week of progress with orders in the shop and getting things sorted out with our new VA, Kaycee. She's been amazing and has given Kari time to work on things that she's been wanting to for so long. That brings me to our next topic of the week, Organization. It's no mystery that Kari and I can be disorganized. Our home is also our business and trying to raise two kids in what's technically a warehouse is difficult. We have wreaths hanging up everywhere, supplies everywhere and we're enveloped in all things HotMeshMom. The work we did on organizing and emptying boxes this week has given us a great start to getting organized and de-cluttered.

That big bin is already full of tubing, we didn't stand a chance.

We ended up taking ten empty boxes out to the recycling and filled up five clear tubs with craft supplies. We also went through all of Kari's supplies and ended up with another three boxes that we will be donating.

With all of the work we've been doing, we have to let off some steam once in awhile. The kids have their favorite Youtube channels, Kari has finished up the Netflix series Orange Is The New Black this week and I play games online with some buddies of mine. One thing that we all collaborate on is the Hobbit Guild I belong to. Yes, you read that right I said Hobbit Guild. I'm a J.R.R.Tolkien Fan and my cousin started a group of like minded friends to dress up as Hobbits and go hang out at the local renaissance fair each year. One thing led to another and now we have our own camp in the fair and people love coming to see us each year. They put a lot of work into it before we ever even joined but since we did, we love helping out and adding to the group. Last year we built a Hobbit hole that Owen and I spent the weekend in, ours is the one with the red door. It was great fun and the next fair is coming up in October so keep watching the blog for more updates on this.

In closing, this week wasn't the most eventful or exciting week we've had but that's what life is, big plans for big things to come but it's the normal, not much happening times that create some of the greatest memories. I hope this blog post finds you in good spirits, good health and thank you very much for reading.

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