Doesn't have to be a wreath!

Who loves working with something new?! MEEEEE!

Insert our new Corner Rail! I've created two of these so far and now I walk around the house looking at all the doorways to put one up. Check out the video here we did on a Facebook Live.

Here's the recipe:

13 ties / pipecleaners; 11 for the rail & 2 to attach the sign

21" mesh @ 10" poofs from one end to the other

2.5" wired ribbon cut at 26" using my 13" Ribbon Tail Board

1.5" wired ribbon

4" wired ribbon

Tubing cut into 20"


There are so many ways you can come up with a new theme or design that others can use in their home. I love Christmas so I don't hesitate at the chance to create something festive.

Let me know what you would do with this and where would you put it! Sharing is caring!

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