DIY Welcome Sweet Summer Wreath Rail

Updated: Sep 10, 2020


Lemons are all the rage for home decor! I love them too so today I’m showing you how to make a “Welcome Sweet Summer” lemon wreath rail that is bright, beautiful, and sure to please!

To me, lemons always say “fresh”, “clean”, and “sweet summertime”. (Yes, lemons talk to me; don’t judge). I wanted to design a project for you that said those same cheerful things. In the video below I show you how to make this fabulous lemon wreath rail to help welcome summer to your home!

Welcome Sweet Summer Wreath Rail

Summertime always brings on some of my favorite memories. The amazing ones from my childhood, like my grandma making lemonade. (She made THE best lemonade you guys!) And now I get to add the memories I’ve made with Richard and our kiddos. Our years as a family seem to be flying by so quickly but summer has a way of reminding us to slow down and enjoy our time together.

As we open the book on a new season, what better way to celebrate summer than with bright colors and fresh lemons in our decor? The fun thing about lemons is that they work just as well inside (think kitchen or bathroom!) as they do on the front door. They always seem to lend that sunny clean feeling!

When I made this wreath rail I didn’t have any lemon picks or lemon ribbon but I made due with what I had on hand. The result is super cute but if you want to add a little more citrus to your rail, by all means add away. After all, my projects are just a guideline or suggestion meant to be a jumping off point for your creativity.


  • Welcome Sweet Summer Wreath Rail

  • 7 Yellow pipe cleaners

  • Yellow value mesh

  • 10” Lime green foiled mesh

  • 10” Black and white striped mesh

  • 2 ½” ribbon: black and white striped

  • 2 ½” ribbon: yellow and white striped

  • 2 ½” ribbon: lime green

  • Yellow tubing

  • Black tubing

  • Ribbon tail board

  • Scissors

Sweet Summer Wreath Rail Instructions

  1. Attach seven yellow pipe cleaners evenly along the center rung of the wreath rail.

  2. Take the yellow value mesh and begin by making a 10” poof on one end of the wreath rail. Continue by adding a 10” poof at each of the seven pipe cleaners.

  3. Take the 10” lime green mesh and cut four 15” strips.

  4. Take the 10” black and white striped mesh and cut three 15” strips.

  5. Grab a strip of lime green mesh and scrunch it down the center to make a ruffle. Attach it to the pipe cleaner at one end of the wreath rail. Repeat this at every other pipe cleaner on the rail.

  6. Us the same method to make ruffles out of the black and white mesh and add those to the remaining pipe cleaners along the rail.

  7. To make the ribbon tails cut 14” strips of each of your three 2 ½” ribbons. I cut 4 black and white stripes, 7 green, and 3 yellow and white striped tails. Dove tail the ends.

  8. Put two tails together and fold them in the middle. Attach to the pipe cleaner at one end of the wreath rail. Continue this method with the remaining pipe cleaners, alternating your ribbon colors and patterns.

  9. Cut seven 24” strips of the yellow and then black tubing. Take one strip of each color and put them together. Make two loops and pinch at the center. Add the pinch into a pipe cleaner. Repeat with the remaining six pipe cleaners.

This summer will be different from any other we’ve had. But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t welcome it with open arms and continue to make wonderful memories. I don’t know all that the summer will hold but I do know that I’ll be sipping some tasty refreshing beverages and crafting away as always. I hope you will join me!

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