DIY Santa Paw Wreath


Christmas is just the best holiday to decorate for. There are just so many themes and color combos to choose from and they are all so pretty! Today I’m showing you how to make a Santa Paw Wreath that is so cute and sweet.

I painted the wood cutout for this wreath in another video. Then I added some red glitter to the hat. Now I’m going to put together the whole Santa paw wreath for you. If you prefer a wreath rail to a full wreath, we also have the Santa paw in a rail. However you choose to go, this wreath makes a great decor item or gift for any pet lover!

How to Make a Santa Paw Wreath

If you’ve been following us for a while you know that we have a super sweet cocker spaniel named Gus. Gus is at least 11 years old and deaf. We rescued him last year and he instantly became part of our family. He needs some extra love and attention but we couldn’t imagine our lives without him. Dogs just add so much to our lives! I know that many of you are also dog lovers and this wreath is definitely a tribute to our fur-babies.

If cats are more of your bag, you could easily swap out the dog themed ribbons with ones that feature a feline style. I chose the dog theme because we are a dog family but I know that there are also a lot of cat households out there too. If you have cats and dogs you could even do a nice combo of the two. You know what I always say: take the techniques that I show you and make it your own!

I didn’t have any picks or other pet related embellishments but you could always add some if you have them. Some cute paw print stems would be great or maybe some dog bones. You could even add greenery if you want to pull some Christmas green to your wreath. A little bit of sparkly red foliage would be fun too! The possibilities are endless you guys.

Santa Paw Wreath Supply List

Santa Paw Wreath Instructions

  1. Take the 21” mesh, measure a small tail and secure it into one of the twist ties on the bottom rung of the wreath frame. Now measure a 10” poof and then secure the mesh into the next twist tie. Continue around the bottom and then top of the wreath frame.

  2. Take the white 10” mesh and cut 18 10” strips of it. Then loosely curl each one and add one to each twist tie on the wreath frame.

  3. Next, cut 9 14” ribbon tails of the 2.5” Christmas ribbon. Then cut 8 14” ribbon tails of the 2.5” dog bone ribbon. Dove tail the ends.

  4. Next, cut 9 14” ribbon tails of the 1.5” harlequin ribbon. Then cut 8 14” ribbon tails from the dog ribbon. Dove tail the ends.

  5. Now take one of the Christmas ribbon tails and place one of the harlequin tails on top of it. Fold them in half and pinch at the center. Add the center to one of the twist ties on the bottom rung of the wreath rail. Repeat this process with the other two patterns of ribbon tails. Alternate the tail combinations around the bottom then top rails of the wreath frame.

  6. Cut 17 20” strips of each of the colors of tubing.

  7. Make them into loops and attach to each of the twist ties on the wreath frame.

  8. Use dap glue to adhere the mounting squares to the back of your sign where you need them. Feed a pipe cleaner through each one. Use the pipe cleaners to attach the sign to the right side of the wreath frame.

  9. Now it’s time to make a bow! Take your spool board and the 4” ribbon. Measure a 6” tail and make two 6” loops on each side. Repeat with the 2.5” ribbon then the 1.5” ribbon, making your loops and tails smaller with each.

  10. Remove the bow from the holder and use a pipe cleaner to tie off the center of it.

  11. Attach the bow to the right side of the wreath. Fluff it out and then dovetail your ribbon ends.

And that’s it! A super cute wreath that is perfect for any dog (or cat) lover. I don’t know what it is about crafters but so many of us are also animal lovers. That also makes this wreath a perfect one to sell if you have a wreath making business! Give your fur babies a belly rub from me and have fun crafting!

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