DIY Red Patriotic Truck Wreath Rail

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I don’t know about you but I love red trucks! Whether it’s Christmas time or the middle of summer, they are one of my favorite things. Today I am sharing a red patriotic truck wreath rail tutorial that I think you’re going to love!

When red truck decor first arrived on the scene I was hooked. I hopped right on that bandwagon (or tailgate, if you prefer!) and haven’t jumped off yet. I am really excited that they aren’t just for Christmas anymore! This red patriotic truck wreath rail tutorial is the perfect addition to your summer decor. With all the stars and stripes, and a little red truck to boot, it will put your front door in the patriotic mood! And, if you sell your handmade items, it is sure to be a big hit in your shop too.

Make Your Own Red Patriotic Truck Wreath Rail

This patriotic wreath rail has a whole lot going on. And, it’s all a whole lot of fun! When you watch the video you will see that I am kind of flying by the seat of my pants with this design. I got a little nervous about midway through but it all came together beautifully! I am telling you this because I want you to know that it’s ok if things don’t go according to plan. Or, better yet, if you don’t really have a plan to begin with!

When I started this project I had picked out mesh, ribbon, and tubing that I thought might be a good fit. If you’ve been watching me for a while, you know that this is usually the only real plan that I have in place. Then I just see what works well together and go from there.

For this design, that’s exactly how I started and I wasn’t loving the results part way through. But I kept going and adapting and the results are super cute. I want you to know that the creative process is rarely a straight line from start to finish. There are usually a few side tracks and back tracks along the way and that’s totally ok!

They Make it Look so Easy…

I know that many people who are first starting out with wreaths and wreath rails watch a lot of tutorials just like this one. This is an awesome way to learn and start adapting methods to what works best for you and your style. The thing is that most creatives you watch have been doing this for a long time. So, when you watch them, it looks like it’s super easy. It is easy for them because they’ve had years of practice. But, don’t feel bad if it’s not as simple for you. You’ll get to that point too! And, as you can see in this video, even for us seasoned vets, things don’t always go perfectly. And that’s ok! If you want a tutorial that goes back to basics and is perfect for those just starting out with wreath rails, I have a post for that too. Check out my Welcome wreath rail tutorial for beginners, it will be very helpful!

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Red Patriotic Truck Wreath Rail Supply List

Patriotic Truck Wreath Rail Tutorial

  1. Start by attaching 7 pipe cleaners evenly around the center rail of the wreath rail.

  2. Now cut 3- 20” strips of the red mesh and 2- 20” strips of the blue and the white mesh. Use them to make one ruffle for each twist tie starting with red and alternating the colors. To do this, roll up the edges a little bit and then scrunch it up the center. Add the center part of the ruffle to the ties.

  3. Use your ribbon tail board to cut 7- 14” ribbon tails of a 2.5” and 1.5” ribbon. Dovetail the ends.

  4. Take one of each type of ribbon tail and place one on top of the other. Fold the tails in half and pinch the center together. Attach the center pinch to a twist tie on the wreath frame. Repeat with the remaining ribbon tails and twist ties.

  5. Now use the red and blue 1.5” ribbon to make small awareness bows. Make two 5” tails and one 8” loop and then add them to each tie.

  6. Next, cut 7- 18” strips of each color of tubing. Lay one of each color together and make a circle with them. Then pinch the center of the circle to make a bowtie. Add the center of the bowtie to a twist tie. Repeat with the rest of the tubing strips and ties.

  7. Next we make a bow! Get out your EZ Bow Maker and your ribbons. Start with a 2.5” ribbon, measure a 8” tail, twist the ribbon and then add it to the bow maker. Then make a 5-6” loop, twist, add it to the bow maker. Make another loop on the other side then trim after a 8” tail.

  8. Use another 2.5” ribbon to repeat the same process making four loops this time and your loops a little smaller for this layer.

  9. Then use a 1.5” ribbon to make 4 loops using the same process and then again with another 1.5” ribbon.

  10. Take two pipe cleaners and twist the ends together to make one long pipe cleaner. Remove your bow from the bow maker and use the long pipe cleaner to secure the center of the bow twisting it off at the back.

  11. Make another bow just like this.

  12. Now make a different bow. Start by adding a 10” ruffle of mesh to the bow maker as a base. Then start with a 1.5” ribbon and make 2 tails and 4 loops. Use 2.5” ribbon for the next layer, making 2 loops. Use a 1.5” ribbon for the next layer and make 4 loops. Use a 20” strip of tubing to make a small bow and add that to the bow maker as your final layer.

  13. Then add your identical bows at each end of the rail and add your third bow to the center of the rail. Finally, dovetail or angle cut your ribbon tail ends.

And that’s the red patriotic truck wreath rail tutorial, you guys! There is a whole lot to love about it and I’m really digging how full it is and how many different depths and textures it has. You can, of course, simplify yours if you’d like to. I may do the same next time, but I still love the way this one came out!

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