DIY Come On In Wreath Tutorial

Updated: Sep 10, 2020


Inviting friends and family into our home is one of my favorite things to do. In this video, I am showing you how to make an adorable “Come on In” wreath that will help you welcome your loved ones!

Whether it’s for coffee and a chat or a full dinner spread, being able to spend time with the people we love is absolutely the best. While we haven’t been able to do much visiting recently, I still like to make sure my front door is fully dressed and welcoming! In the video below I show you how to make a simple but beautiful wreath rail that will help you do the same.

Come on In Wreath

I don’t know which I like doing more, painting wreath rails or adding all the pretties to them. For this project I used a rail that we printed. It is a pretty sign all by itself but turning it into a wreath rail means we get to dress it up and make it even more beautiful!

I worked with a lot of greens, blacks, and whites in this project to bring out the colors of the sign. The list of supplies that I used is included in the recipe below but you don’t have to follow them to the letter. I used what I think looks good but that is only a guideline. Go with what you love (or have on hand) and I’m sure your creation will be fabulous too!

You can also add more to the project if you like. If you love greenery, throw some in. Have florals in mind? Add those too. Can’t get enough tubing... use more. That’s the beauty of crafting, you learn different techniques and then get to do whatever feels right to you!

Come On In Wreath Supplies

Bow Making Instructions

  1. Grab your EZ Bowmaker!

  2. Cut a 20” strip of the 10” lime green deco mesh. Roll in the ends and then gather it in the middle. Place it between the pegs of the EZ Bowmaker.

  3. Start with the 2 ½” grey burlap ribbon. Measure an 8” tail then make two 6” loops.

  4. Repeat with the 2 ½” lime green ribbon but make four loops this time.

  5. Repeat with the 2 ½” sheer black ribbon, making two loops.

  6. Next use the 1 ½” black and white check ribbon. Measure an 8” tail and make 4 loops that are slightly smaller than the ones you made with the 2 ½” ribbons.

  7. Repeat with 1 ½” green and white check ribbon but only make two loops.

  8. Take two pipe cleaners and twist the ends together to make one long pipe cleaner.

  9. Find the middle of your bow and and wrap the pipe cleaner around it. Remove the bow from the bow maker and twist several times to secure the bow.

Wreath Rail Instructions

  1. Attach 5 of the pipe cleaners evenly along the center rung of the wreath rail. Twist each one in place.

  2. Cut 5 15” pieces of the black and the white mesh.

  3. Take one piece of black mesh and roll it a little at the ends and then gather in the middle. Repeat with one piece of white mesh. Put the white mesh on top of the black and attach it to the pipe cleaner at one end of the wreath rail. Now repeat that process for all of the twist ties but alternate which color goes on the bottom. So, for the second twist tie you will put the black mesh on top of the white mesh.

  4. Take the 2 ½” lime green ribbon and cut 4 20” ribbon tails and dovetail trim the ends.

  5. Repeat with the 2 ½” black and white striped ribbon.

  6. Next, put one of each of those ribbons together (one on top of the other) and fold at the center. Attach to the pipe cleaner at one end of the wreath rail and arrange the ribbons in the shape of a K. Repeat this process to all but the center pipe cleaner.

  7. Cut 4 20” strips of both colors of tubing. Take one of each and put them together. Next, make two loops and gather them in the middle. Then, attach to the pipe cleaner at one end of the wreath rail. Repeat this process at each twist tie except the center one.

  8. Trim the twist tie at the center of the wreath rail. Next, attach your bow here by poking through the mesh to the back of the wreath rail. Do this with each of the pipe cleaners then twist at the back to secure the bow in place.

  9. Fluff up the bow and the ribbon tails. Trim the ribbon tails that are on the bow. I trimmed my 1 ½” ribbons at an angle and the 2 ½” I dovetailed.

I just love the way this project turned out! It was fun making a big juicy bow with lots of ribbon variety in it. Also, the colors and patterns in this piece worked really well together. Sometimes it is hard for me to part with something I’ve created and this is definitely one of those times. I hope you love it as much as I do!

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