Simple and Easy Diva Wreath Rail Tutorial


Hi friends! I have a fabulous and unique project for you today. I’m showing you how to make a diva wreath rail and it is oh so beautiful!

This diva wreath rail is perfect for any day of the year but it also holds a special place as we come into Black History Month. Here in the US we spend every February celebrating and honoring the black Americans (both well known and unknown) who have made our country what it is today. We should be celebrating and honoring black Americans everyday and Black History Month is one small way of bringing that truth to the forefront of the American consciousness. Our diva designs are popular year round but I wanted to take this opportunity to show you how to make a diva wreath rail that is super fun and beautiful! Watch how I turn a simple wood cutout into a fabulous diva with only a handful of supplies and minutes.

How to Make a Diva Wreath Rail

For this project you need to start with an already painted diva rail. You have two options for this: you can either order a rail that I have painted or you can paint one yourself. If you are interested in painting one yourself I have a post for that too! In our last post I showed you how to paint this diva wreath rail and talked about all the ways you could do it. Luckily for us there are almost as many paint colors as there are skin tones. That means you can customize the tones of these diva rails any way you like!

Just as you can customize the paint colors for this project you can also customize the “hair” for different colors and designs. I use black mesh in tight curls but you could use any color mesh, make your curls loose and put them further apart or closer together. You could also replace the mesh with ornaments or flowers. Or you could mix any combo of these things together! There are so many fun options.

You can also dress your diva up in lots of fun ways! The front facing diva already has earrings but if you have to profile diva you could add your own sparkly earring. To her hair you could add a scarf, a pretty bow, or even a flower. My point is that you can make this wreath rail any way you like and the options are close to limitless!

DIY Diva Wreath Rail Supply List

Diva Wreath Rail Tutorial Instructions

  1. Start by cutting all of your pipe cleaners in half.

  2. Then add your pipe cleaners evenly to the rail from back front. Start on the first rung from the outside and then add the pipe cleaners to the inner rungs. You’ll see just how to do this when you watch the video.

  3. Cut your 10” mesh into 10” strips.

  4. Now take one strip and roll it up into a tight curl.

  5. Fold the curl in half and pinch at the center.

  6. Now add it to a pipe cleaner on the outside ring making sure that the edge of the mesh is facing down.

  7. Trim the pipe cleaner or tuck it back into the frame so you won’t be able to see it.

  8. Continue this process around the whole rung and then continue to the next rungs until you’ve filled all the pipe cleaners.

Wow, it’s not very often I give you a project with only two steps! This wreath rail is a pretty easy design once you get the hang of your placement. That means that these would be great to offer for sale on your business page. They would be really easy to batch for making multiples. And, like I said, they have been very popular on our site for awhile now. However you decide to make and use your diva I hope that you have as much fun with this project as I did!

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